Expected Impacts

DANSE includes industrial representatives with focus on aerospace, land, and automotive systems, as well as a leading tools and framework provider in the system space, and top European research institutes in system engineering. These partners have deep interest in the outcome of the research and are eager to deploy the developments as soon as they become available.

The DANSE approach is evaluated using several industrial use cases. The dissemination, training and facilitation of the DANSE intellectual properties in Europe is a main goal of the project. Therefore the expected impacts of the project are to:

  • Improve European industrial competitiveness by providing effective methods and tools that are tailored to SoS.
  • Create new markets (“eco-systems”) for tools to support SoS development and management.
  • Advance European industry beyond the current state-of-the-art in SoS development and management, thereby maintaining and expanding Europe's global system leadership role.
  • Support international cooperation, particularly with US experts and working groups in international organisations.
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